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My System Specs


I have done this for years and it is very easy - youi can install and multi boot different OS on different partitions - you can even have many XP and many VISTA installations too. Whenever you install other OSs it automatically creates the menu for you, you can later edit it using the tools in windows.

The way I set it up is my C drive is my main system drive with XP on it - the same physical drive is partitioned into 4 (you can use a seperate physical drive as well) - XP is installed on C, then I installed VISTA on D, once VISTA is installed it will create a menu but not the legacy menu you were used to as it uses a bootloader and a different approach - however it will add an option to access your legacy OSs (Xp, etc.). With XP on one partition and VISTA on another, you will not have interference between your programs and OS system files. You can restart your PC and boot any OS you want this way. You can later install Windows 7 and you will be able to boot XP, VISTA and Windows 7...... There ARE also ways of installing more than one OS on a partition although I do not recommend it ! I recommend seperate partitions, that's the way it should be done, always.
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