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I've had to RMA an older 625w as well as my galaxy 1000w...

In Canada, RMAs are handled by a company outsdie the Enermax circle. I could problably go through my papers and tell you who exactly...but anyway, both times I waited a mere two weeks for my replacements.

The 625w blew with a short, tripped the house breaker even, got a new psu, no questions. This was 9 working days.

The 1000w I got back the same PSU, repaired(had low 5v line), took 11 working days.

While this is all fine and dandy, you should see the insides of my galaxy...Unless the new EVO line is put together a whole lot better, I have no further interest in Enermax.

Find some reviews that pull the psu apart...J Guru's reviews are pretty exceptional...
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