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My System Specs


With Any Mac that has built in FireWire* you can Connect them directly and network them** (IP over FireWire) or boot one up while holding the T key to put it into FireWire Target Disk Mode. TDM basically turns the Mac into a large and expensive external FireWire HDD.

You could do the same sort of TDM thing on some old SCSI PowerBooks if you had a desktop Mac and a special SCSI connector between the lappy and desktop.

*PowerMac G3 Blue&White(1999) or higher
PowerBook G3 "FireWire" aka Pismo(2000) or higher
400Mhz Slot loading iMac DV(1999) or higher
or some model of iBook that I am not sure of (but probably the second gen clamshell ones or something) or higher

and all newer models
Also of note that since the Mac shows up as a FireWire device other computers like PCs or oder Macs with a FireWire expansion card should also be able to see and use them.

**IP over FW requires Mac OS 10.3 or higher(last time I checked anyway)

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