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Ok, lets see.

First thing, when it comes to actually setting up the dual boot I highly suggest you read this:

How to dual boot Vista with XP (with XP installed first)

That is basically the best guide out there and should help alot.

Originally Posted by philmar View Post
And when my rig boots how does it choose which OS will boot?
It will boot up to a boot screen asking you which OS you want to go into.

Originally Posted by philmar View Post
If I boot with Vista, will I still have access to the programs loaded on the drive with XP? That is where CS3 is loaded.
Yes and no. The programs have to be installed under each OS. Now that said I have installed programs to exactly the same spot from both OSes, and had it work without issues. That way you are not taking up twice the space.

Originally Posted by philmar View Post
What will my Vista desktop look like? How will I open a program (like CS3) on my XP HD?
I would look like a regular Vista desktop. As for opening the programs like I mentioned before you will have to install your programs in Vista, just install them to the same location as they were in XP then you can use it within both OSes.

Originally Posted by philmar View Post
If I upgrade to CS4 what potential problems might this setup create?
There should be no issues, I have multiple drives, Vista 64, XP, and CS4 and I have no issues.

Originally Posted by philmar View Post
Is it foolhardy to have the programs on a different HD from the OS? This is what will be happening if I am booted in Vista. Will I have to move a lot of my programs to the HS with Vista?
Personally I like doing that when I have dual boot systems as it makes it easier for installing on both systems.

Hopefully that helps you out.
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