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Default Dual boot XP and Vista - how to?

I am not a computer passion is photos, not bits and bytes
I have 64 bit Vista that I have been holding on to waiting for it to 'mature' as an OS. Now I'd like to give it a whirl. I don't want to commit to it yet and would still like to have the option to boot with XP as I get better acquainted with Vista.
My current pc has:
Antec P180 aluminum mid-tower case
Intel D975XBX2 motherboard
Intel Core2 Duo E6600
3 Hard Drives:
2 x WD Caviar 320GB (data)
1 x WD Raptor 36GB (for XP/apps)
Antec TRUEPOWER TRIO 550W power supply

This is my plan...tell me if anything is wrong with it:
I am considering buying a 1 TB hard drive for my RAWs and photos and another Raptor for my Vista. So I'll have a 5 HD rig.
I'd like to install Vista on a new raptor. Use the new 1 TB drive for data. Keep my existing raptor for XP. And use the existing 320gb WD HDs for CS3 and Windows file page (and maybe backup for my jpgs). I already have external HDs that I use for backup.
I'd like to know anything that I may be overlooking, i.e. my power supply is not up to it, the case won't support that many HDs, it is impossible to set it up this way, the set up is wasteful, excessive ect.
What problems will I encounter?
And when my rig boots how does it choose which OS will boot?
If I boot with Vista, will I still have access to the programs loaded on the drive with XP? That is where CS3 is loaded.
What will my Vista desktop look like? How will I open a program (like CS3) on my XP HD?
If I upgrade to CS4 what potential problems might this setup create?
Is it foolhardy to have the programs on a different HD from the OS? This is what will be happening if I am booted in Vista. Will I have to move a lot of my programs to the HS with Vista?
As you can see computers aren't my forte - so thanks for the help/tips/advice/warnings...

Phil M. - Toronto, Canada
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