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Originally Posted by floodx View Post
Hey guys, thanks for the suggestions! I'm still doing some searching in hopes I can find a decent sub $100 one to meet my needs. My only problem is it doesn't seem like I will get my 25A rail this route though. However, I found the OCZ StealthXStream 600W for a decent price ($79.99 before a $10.00 MIR). I read your review on it, SKYMTL, and it seems like a dedicated 18A PCI-e rail should do the trick of pumping out the required juice. Now, I was hoping someone could actually tell me whether or not this will really be able to power my rig or not. I also have a quick question about the rails: are they each capable of pumping out ~18A each? or is it 18A combined?
Problems with OCZ StealthXStream is apparently out of spec ripple on the +12v when put at high (most likely close to max?) load. Not sure if they've fixed that already, but JonnyGURU saw it in the 700W GameXStream review and from what I've heard they both use the FSP Epsilon platform, and should therefore be seen in the StealthXStream as well.

Here's the review: - Power Supply Reviews and more! - Reviews - OCZ GameXstream 700W

Take a look at page 3.

At the same time, Hardware Secrets did a review on the 600W StealthXStream and the reviewer found that the ripple was within spec (abelit quite high, close to the 120mV but not over)

Here's the Hardware Secret's review: OCZ StealthXStream 600 W Power Supply Review | Hardware Secrets
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