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Default True Black won't sit still!

Hey guys,

Before getting my TRUE Black, I was aware that it could swivel/move a bit even after being mounted. It wasn't until I tried it myself that I realized that it wasn't a bit of movement, it was ALOT! I've reseated it several times and it doesn't get any better, and we all know how fun that is...

I'm worried that it will lift off one side of the cpu slightly when it sits sideways in my tower. Why is such a good/expensive product have such a sh*tty mount? Excuse my language.

What do you TRUE owners out there do to secure it in place? I've read people modding, putting washers or padding (cut piece of mousepad, lol) but I'm afraid that would degrade overtime due to the heat transfer.

So what do my fellow HWC'ers suggest? Am I just being overly paranoid?
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