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Originally Posted by SKYMTL View Post
If you have a C2D you probably don't have on-board video so you have to add the power consumption of a GPU at idle
Just as an aside on the onboard video ... I will be building an oc'ed quad rig on a gigabyte G33m-ds2r within a few days.

It looks like both asus and gigabyte have mobos built around the g33 chipsset that will allow excellent oc'ing. I will find out what the power profile looks like, but i doubt it will be much, if any better than the 2-8mb pci vid cards i use now. But sff and ease of cooling a mobo with no cards is very appealing to me.

So far in my p35 comparison, gigabyte's p35-ds3r consumes less power folding by 20W+ compared to the asus ~ equivalent p5k at same oc.
I expect the same will hold true on the g33 mobos. For an htpc mobo, this is also very nice, not to mention the ich9r raid support on the ds2r. The ds2r is about $30 more than the p5k-vm.

So I am thinking if my testing pans out, that the ds2r will be my next folder of choice, at least until the g38 arrives. For my folding needs the g38 will be video overkill so unless it significantly improves oc'ing of cpu and/or memory, the g33 may still be better value. But the g38 could make a very nice sff hptc mobo.


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