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Default What a waste of a review!

ok 1 big problem.
Ever hear of socket 1366?
Who cares how it performs on an older Intel socket. HC says: "you have to remember that it only really, really shines when a massive amount of heat is present"
so obviously that tells me, to properly review this cooler, you would want the hottest CPU and Socket there is? (an i7 920 with 1.5vcore/vtt at 4Ghz should do)
Hows about a real review with an i7 with HT on and OFF, as well do ur TEC mod.

Sorry for the rant, I am a long time fan of HC, and sorry my first post had to be this, but I was very excited to see a quality review of this product (I know HC always has great reviews), but was floored to see this obviously important omission with this review.
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