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Originally Posted by SKYMTL View Post
Really? My PS3 consumes MAX 202W when gaming according to my power meter. When running the folding app a few weeks ago (just for the heck of it) it was consuming 138W at peak over the course of an hour or so.

If you have a C2D you probably don't have on-board video so you have to add the power consumption of a GPU at idle, plus the ram, hard drive, fans and quite a few other things. IMO, a C2D rig with an 8600GT, single HD, 2 fans 2GB of ram and a reasonably efficient PSU will be pulling in far more than 150W when folding.

Take for example my HTPC which was folding for the Guru3D team a while ago. It has a X2 3800+ EE (stock) processor, a 8600GT, single HD, 2GB of ram and an 80Plus Etasis PSU. When folding on both cores it pulled a constant 162W from the wall.
If I compare a quad I just built and measured, it uses 204W of power folding smp (oc'ed to 3.33), and produces about 3500 ppd. 1 hdd, 1 pci video, 1 dvd, 4 fans, 2 gb ram. The only major difference is the video ... an 1900xtx uses about 35w at idle vs maybe 10W for the lowend video card I use. It also used an ocz520 powerstream, which is not the most efficient psu ... most of my dedicated rigs not on the bench use 420 powertreams or the more efficient enermax 465's.
The same rig consumed ~ 96W at idle.
I expect i will also see a slight decrease when i switch it from running smp under windows to linux. It folds under windows while i finish tweaking it, but the windows smp client is currently a bit less efficient than the linux client.

My watt measurements are done on an APC ups and accurracy is ~ +/- 6 watts relative. I have not calibrated it with a load meter, but i think it is close enuf for my purposes.

IIRC, the ps3 clients are benchmarked to produce 900 ppd ... i never got one to fold with once i saw its power needs since i don't game and didn't need the blue ray, and it was kindof boring to fold with for an enthusiast like me. Similar reasons for why i no longer fold on gpu's.

By comparison, GPU folding had an incremental power consumption of ~ 45 W when i last measured it for a ppd of ~600-700. For a dedicated folding rig i dropped highend video cards since they cost ~35 W when idle.

There is an even more efficient setup running the dual core meroms in terms of ppd per watt, but it would take a lot more of them to scale like the quads do.

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