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Originally Posted by pscout View Post
Sky ... I agree with most of what you said ... except the ps3 recommendation ... c2d or c2q is a much better performer in term of points per day per watt.
Really? My PS3 consumes MAX 202W when gaming according to my power meter. When running the folding app a few weeks ago (just for the heck of it) it was consuming 138W at peak over the course of an hour or so.

If you have a C2D you probably don't have on-board video so you have to add the power consumption of a GPU at idle, plus the ram, hard drive, fans and quite a few other things. IMO, a C2D rig with an 8600GT, single HD, 2 fans 2GB of ram and a reasonably efficient PSU will be pulling in far more than 150W when folding.

Take for example my HTPC which was folding for the Guru3D team a while ago. It has a X2 3800+ EE (stock) processor, a 8600GT, single HD, 2GB of ram and an 80Plus Etasis PSU. When folding on both cores it pulled a constant 162W from the wall.
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