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oh woops
and uhh
it had the xtreme gamer squeal that everyone has. well he told me that.

OMGG thank you so much! it works!!!!
this soundcard is loud...

i can't have any of the sliders more then half though.. w/e

thank you so much.
now i needa figure out how to get it recording

wait... nvm it works but i have to make everythign really quiet which takes a long time..
i needa find something to make the sound.. quieter

i reinstalled the driver this time from the creative site,,..

it doesn't work.
no sound at all
just high pitched sound like those mosquito ringtone
proc\ e8400 @ 4.05ghz 1.41v 9x450mhz,
hsf\ coolermaster eclipse,
mobo\ Asus P5Q Pro @ 1800MHz FSB ,
ram\ ocz xtc platinum 4gb 6-6-6-18,
videocard\ evga gtx280..superclocked?,
soundcard\ razer barracuda ac-1 ,
hdd\ seagate barracuda 7200.11 500gb,
os\ 7-64bit, ,
psu\ corsair hx620,
casefans\ 5x120mm, 1x200mm,
case\ antec 900,
mouse\ ocz equalizer,
keyboard\ microsoft comfort curve 2000,
mousepad\ toy story,
monitor\ samsung 2443bw,
fancontroller\ sunbeam four port rheobus,

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