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Originally Posted by LCB001 View Post
Well atleast there is one bright spot, I don't suppose there is any ppd increase with the new drivers??. Not that it really matters as I'm still using the old 178.24's...

One quick thing you might try if you haven't already is deleting the Fah_core as well as the other three, sometimes it gets corrupted.

As usual it's probably something simple that we are all missing, I hate when that happens..
No such luck LCB the ppd is still the same with the new drivers.

Yes I deleted the core and it redownloaded every time, that wasn't the issue.

No I'm afraid it isn't something simple. I read over at Folding Forum • View topic - 2nd GPU giving me nothig but Guarded Run errors

You just can't fold with a 260 and 9800GT/8800GT period. Drivers won't mesh whatsoever. There hasn't been one confirmed report the 2 cards fold together in 7 months and all people are saying is "They're working on it" Bah!

I'll start from scratch again tomorrow and if it dosn't work well I'll just get the hammer out and start swing'n.

And you know what's going to get the 1st swing..Yep thats right this POS Compaq 14" steaming CRT poo! Skrew the hammer I'll drop an engine block on it and video that shit for youtube. I'm dead serious! I've been dicking with this GD POS MF'n BS trailer park trash, otta be kicked outta the NHL setup all F'n day!!! Some hardwares taking a last walk for this I swear!!!

I'm off to have a long bath and a valium.
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