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Originally Posted by cujo View Post
good feedback guys. i'm just curious to know what the collective thoughts are and get different opinions on the subject.

i'm on the fence leaning toward the low power consumption side. i do a lot to conserve power already around the house but i just know my system is probably best turned off when not in use.

i do believe greenhouse gases cause/accelerate some of these illnesses so it's a tough call.
I have avoided folding because I find that the power consumption (and environmental impact) does not justify the end result. On the other hand, because I live in a province that produces and consumes almost exclusively hydro electricity, I am leaning towards starting.

Yes, great research has been done but in areas without hydro electricity, I find the environment will take a beating. Greenhouse gases produced by coal-fired power plants contributes to ailments like lung cancer and other respiratory diseases. Now let's be honest: nost of the US electricity comes from coal-fired plants. It makes me wonder if this whole folding craze is doing more harm than good.

Folding started as a way to use SPARE computer processes when they were not being used. Basically, if you were working on your computer the Folding client would work in the background. Now people are using PCs exclusively for folding and those power-hungry PCs run 24/7. It has become a competition that has exploded in popularity in the last two years and it does not look to be letting up.

I have no problem seeing people folding with energy efficient processors (stock clock X2 EE, C2D and Xeon) but I cringe every time I see someone folding 24/7 with a quad core, overclocked X2 or even worse...a GPU.

There are certain things I would NEVER do without if I was folding:

- An energy-efficient, stock-clock processor
- An 80Plus certified PSU
- ONLY RoHS components

OR if you would be building a rig only for folding I would tell you not to buy a computer at should just buy a PS3 since its performance per watt in folding is second to none.

But that is just my opinion.
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