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@LCB...I have it setup in a thermaltake armour with the 25cm fan on the side, plus the intake fan on the front, so I don't think airflow should be an issue. i've made sure there is little to no obstruction in the way of the intake air and the GX2. i've also underclocked core and mem by 100mhz each and overclocked shaders by the same amount. GPUZ shows that the card reaches into the 90C+ range at most but hasn't hit 100C that I've ever seen. Ambient ranges between 21-24C. Maybe i'm just not getting good temp readings from GPUZ and the card is getting way hotter than I think. My PPD would be significantly more consistent if I didn't have to babysit that rig constantly. i even have an 8800gt happily folding away 24/7 and it only very rarely will get an EUE.

I really do like participating in the folding and this GX2 has some great potential if i could only figure it out. I get the feeling that gx2's have given others trouble also, so maybe this is part and parcel with the card. I really wanna see our team climb up the ladder.

I dunno. I'll keep trying for now. Thx for the help though! Much appreciated.

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