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Originally Posted by Alwaysrun View Post
lol why can't I ever find a folding instructional how-to that shows what I see. I like pictures and none of this looks anywhere near like vista 64bit I have. I'll muddle through I guess. I may be stumped tho as I have no 2nd monitor or a "dummy" cord to work with here. plus I see problems with getting this 9800 gt jiving with my 260s 64bit drivers.. gahh I wish I could talk to someone on ventrillo or even irc would be a help. maybe I can use my laptop monitor as a 2nd monitor to help. *shrug

Thanks LCB for the link.
I think this one is a little simpler [H]ard|Forum - View Single Post - [H]orde Guides

Both are written by Xilikon so are very similiar, it's actually not that hard if you can read it on your lappy while installing on the main rig.

You will need that second moniter or dummys with Vista, if you have a TV with hdmi that might work. You don't need the second moniter connected once its actually running, but will have to hook it up again if you reboot. I think I read somewhere that you can try getting one running and then switch the moniter over to the second instance to get it going but have never tried it.

@Nademon Do you have lots of airflow over that GX2, I've found the temp shown by a program like rivatuner dosn't always reflect how hot whatever part of the gpu has the shaders gets.

Thats some nice ppd you are getting, don't give up now...
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