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Hey literally took me 4 mins to make a dummy plug with the resistors. Is the Source still open? Thought they may have closed down. I'm getting really frustrated with the 9800GX2 folding. Seems no matter what i try, it invariably gets those damn EUE's. sometimes it'll do a bunch of WU's one after the other, but always ends up getting an EUE and has to be restarted by deleting all work files and queue.dat. I've underclocked it, overclocked it, left it at stock...nothing seems to get rid of them on a more consistent basis. I'm also running an smp client on the rig with a stock E3110 and have upped the priority on the GPU clients...if that would make a difference.

Anyone have any other ideas? i'm using the latest nvidia drivers with vista ultimate 64 and i'm using 2 gpu console clients. i've tried to look over other threads regarding this but no luck so far. SHould I even bother starting a seperate thread on this or is it just beating a dead horse? I have another rig with a 4870x2 and it runs quite happily with only the odd EUE once in a rare while folding away on both cores.

anyway, I'll keep it up as long as my patience remains in tact.

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