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Well, we got digital PWM and analogue, and of course, because the digi is software controlled, the bios is a bit different, so I think as long as you stay within the same PCB, it's all good, but that thread with dude with XFX card and HIS card, both seemingly reference Digi-PWM, I'm a little leary...

I have dual analogue PWM cards, and have had no issues in getting Crossfire to work.

I will say though...getting another 4870x2? NOT a good idea(I had numerous issues when I bought two at release, turns out it is my board, but stil..). After 2 gpus, the scaling drops HARD, unless you are running 2560x1600, and even then, it might be better to await the 5xxx-gen cards...even a single 4870 has very few issues running most games @ 1920x1080...
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