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Originally Posted by cadaveca View Post
You don't like the koolance blocks, MpG? I have to agree with you on the complete solution...looks like crap, IMHO, but $1500 in HDD, $4000 in ram(assuming it's ECC, maybe more), cpus are, what, $2k a peice? 4-way board? VGAs? the cooling is a small part of that cost...
Meh, I'm not an authority on that kind of computing hardware - one CPU and non-ECC RAM's always been enough for me - so the price may actually be fairly reasonable. But the watercooling hardware is all mediocre at best, and downright laughable if that computer's duties fall under the 'mission critical' heading. It's like buying a Bentley, and checking the option box for "giant fiberglass spoiler".

Honestly, Koolance has come out with some solid items lately, but their CPU-340 blocks sure weren't one of them. That Magicool rad is second-rate in both restriction and performance, the pump would have been weak under full steam with those four CPU blocks (nevermind the reduced setting they used), and it would have been child's play to cool four 75W CPU's with a single triple rad and undervolted fans. If they were just worried about making it look pretty, fine, but the rad mounting looks pretty tacky, regardless of actual workmanship.
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