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The benefit of F@H is for disease research mainly, cancer, Alzheimer's, Parkinsons, etc. It has come a long way and now there are multiple pharmaceutical companies which have expressed excitement about the published results and are using the FAH results in their own research.

An example of what is being done with the data is here: Dimerization of the p53 Oligomerization Domain: Identification of a Folding Nucleus by Molecular Dynamics Simulations

For me if I can help to get a drug developed to save or even make someone sick feel better it is more important than the small amount of power my folding boxes use.

Everything comes at the expense or opportunity cost of something else, and I dont think the world will end from folding. My advice is if you are worried about it, look for other ways to reduce your power consumption around the house, buy a smaller car, carpool, read instead of watch tv, etc. :)
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