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Default C2D Users...How do you have your xigmatek hdt-21283 oriented?

I have an e8400 with a xigmatek HDT-s1283 cooler. Had it on for quite sometime now. It was my first aftermarket CPU cooler.

Recently discovered that my 2 cores are running at significantly different idle temps.
According to CPUID's Hardware monitor Core#0 usually idles at 39-40 and Core#1 at 33. That seems like a big difference and someone recently suggested I reseat the HSF.

So in my antec 900 I currently have it blowing sideways and out through the rear 120mm fan. I am going to reseat it this week and was wondering if I should change the orientation so that it blows up and out through the bigboy fan at the top.

Also, any suggestions for applyin TIM with this cooler?
I read a guide the last time, I put to thin strips on the aluminum between the heatpipes, and this spreads over the pipes. After filling the gaps of course.

Anyway, any tips would be appreciated.
I also use the thermaltake backplate mounting kit.
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