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My System Specs


I use Vista Business x64 because I got it for free :P (MSDNAA) Then again, MSDNAA also gives me Windows XP Pro / Server 2003, but I don't like to limit my GPU to DirectX 9 mode if I use the computer to game.

Back when I was folding on my Dell with the same GPU, I used Vista Home Premium x64 before and Windows XP MCE, but I noticed that the performance was pretty much the same - the ATI FAHCore11.exe gobbles up an entire core whether I am running Vista or XP. The nVidia core is a different beast, and at least folding with a low-end card, it barely used any CPU.

Thanks all for the complements! I'm still not sure why I always try to troubleshoot this F@H program each time a new driver or FAHCore announcement comes out. I guess I still want to squeeze all the performance of my machine for folding / BOINC / whatever, but I refuse to buy parts specifically for F@H. So I'm stuck poking and prodding until what I have works ;)
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