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Originally Posted by CTA View Post
my friend's dad's computer... it has two different outlook version - express from OS and office 2007...

outlook express is not always working perfectly... only problem is he can't open the url in the email...

other outlook, can't receive ALL emails... i mean not everything in his inbox... just randomly few emails...

anyone knows that strange problems are?

yeah i want to fix outlook from office 2007 then i can un-install stupid express...
I never liked outlook expressbit there are some thingas that you need outlook express for so I wouldn't uninstall it just turn it off. I do like outlook but I use a different email client that is portable friendly, that being said it sounds( looks ) to me that there are filters running somewhere along the line ( Internet service provider (ISP) most likely) what I would do is go to the actual web site and look for the emails inside there and check the settings , eg I turn off all of the filters in my Shaw email and in your case which ever your ISP is. Then when I run outlook I receive every email that goes through my shaw email account after that is done I then setup Outlook filters to filter out emails ijnto specific folders like ( I make some of the folders) like for my BIlls I make a folder called Bills then I make a rule that all emails that come from the email address go to the Bills folder . and alla spam goes to the spam folder . when I start my email client I check all of the email in the spam folder to make sure that it is spam if some of the emails are not spam I create a rule to make it not spam and to go to a specific folder. this might seem hard at first to do but after a while it gets allot easyier
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