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Default For Sale: V-Moda Vibe, and CX 300 headphones, and Sandisk Sansa Clip

Alright i have a bunch of stuff i want to sell, all because i want a new case lol. I really want a Silverstone Raven unless i get a really good deal on another case i like. If you want to trade the only thing i will accept is a new case :). So LMK. All prices are in CAD, and all are + shipping. I have tons of feedback on: Ebay, heatware, and

All i take right now is Paypal or cash in person. If you want to send a Money Order that can be arranged.
Everything will be shipped with tracking. All prices do not include shipping so pm me with your postal/zipcode for a quote.

If you think any of my stuff is overpriced please post here or pm me, i try to price all my stuff fairly but sometimes i overlook some things. All prices are OBO within reason.

All of my stuff has been taken care of and is always tested before shipping out.

The stuff:

1. XFX 9600 GSO DDR2 768mb Fatality Edition: Got it back from RMA a week ago after i sent my 8600GTS in. Great folder, avg 2400-3000 ppd. Selling it since i dont game anymore and my new mobo has onboard ;). Comes with that wierd TV wire. Didnt come with a dongle but if u want one i have tons just lmk. SOLD

2. Antec 300: Great case for anyone on a budget. Cools well, a bit cramped with larger setups but i had no problems fitting mine in. As i said selling to get a Silverstone Raven. Immaculate condition, comes with all original documentation/packaging/accessories. Asking $50 + Shipping Pending to Armadi110 on

3. V-Moda Vibe In-Ear Headphones: Used for one month, great sounding, Retail for $120 canadian, this is the upgraded version the problems people were having with the wire dont happen to this one. Has a one year warranty and V-Moda's CS is excellent. Selling because i sold my mp3 player since i stopped listening to music as much as before. Comes with all original packaging and accessories (inclues 5 pairs of tips). SOLD to Akg

4. Sennheiser CX 300 In-Ear headphones: used once or twice, bought them inititally then got hte V-modas. Very bassy, a bit more muddy than the V-Modas but overall great quality. Selling for the same reason as above. Asking $40 + Shipping

5. Sandisk Sansa Clip 4gb MP3 Player: Great player, rated as best sound quality mp3 player on I really liked this player, great for going to the gym. awesome portability. Used for one week then i got my samsung p2. (which im selling on ebay). comes with all original accessories, but no packaging, purchased it OEM. Asking $50 + Shipping

We can work out a deal if u want one of the pairs of headphones with the sansa :)

6. NEC AccuSync LCD 200VX: 1600x1200 Resolution, takes DVI and VGA cables. Great monitor, i actually really like it. Couple years old but still going strong. The picture quality is awesome. And the resolution is insane. Been running them dual but dont really need two anymore. Asking $100 Pickup Only OBO

Thanks for Looking :)
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