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Frontier your a real folding trooper dude. Awesome troubleshooting and some great advice. I to had trouble with my GPU recently and tried so many things to rectify the situation that not until I tore down my rig and changed the pcie power cables and did a complete wipe of my HD and fresh install of Vista 64bit did I get rid of those damn EUEs.

I dont use Aero, sidebar, or Auto hide the taskbar. All of which I've read muck with the video cards performance to one degree or another. When my windows loads it's as naked as a newborn..Network connection and my sound volume is all that load. Absolutely no startup programs auto load and I've gone through every single process that runs and I was really suprised just how many I could get rid of that are unneeded that windows crams down your throat straight off the bat. I even went so far as not installing my printer, usb camera, and joystick. This baby runs smooth as silk now and for the life of me I can't pinpoint which thing I did or didn't do to stop the Nans detected on GPU but it's finially stopped! thank gawd. I really loved your flash stick idea I just wish I had one myself.

I've pretty much given up on the stanford folding forums as the knee jerk reaction from most of the experienced folders there is that it's always a bad video card and they dogidly insist it's a hardware malfunction. I reject their asumptions as I keep in mind both the SMP and GPU2 programs are both poorly written and have rudementary option sets and have been in beta for 3 year...3 years! omfg there must be one capable programmer at Stanford or out of the 1.2 million folders in the world to write a god damn FINAL release.

Anywho... Enough rambling from me hehe. 4 months and your still sticking with it and I salute you frontier your an inspiration!!
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