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Originally Posted by CTA View Post
hard to explain... on my outlook, when i set up the accounts... for example and ... after i do spereate inbox for example address? because i dont like to read both address in one inbox (sometime confuse to find out)

thank you...

Ok I think what you want is to have two different inboxes for your email addresses. Basically so all email to the a@noemail goes to its inbox and everything for b@noemail goes to another inbox.

To set that up is fairly simple. Just set up outlook for one email account. Once that is done go to tools and then account settings. Under the email tab just click on new and then follow the steps to set up your other email address. The key is to make sure that it goes to a different pst file.

Once your second one is set up you will see both of them showing under the email tab. Now highlight the second one and you will see an option to change folder in the lower left. That is where you can set it to go to a different pst file. Once you do that you will then have two different inboxes for your mail. Of course if both of your email addresses already show under the email tab then you can just highlight the one you want and change the folder and it will then create a new inbox.

Hope that helps. (and makes sense as its late and I should be sleeping.)
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