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Default A couple questions

I obtained a radiator (just the rad, no screws or anything) CPU block, and some clamps today, and me being new to this stuff, I have a couple questions. Mind you, I am barely awake right now so some of these questions may sound flat out stupid.
First, I have NO IDEA what brand/model this radiator is, maybe some of you guys would know. It's got 1/2" barbs, non removable.

That's the identification part. Now here comes the probably stupid questions whose answers are not coming to mind or seem iffy.
1) Fans - I have a couple of extra fans laying around here. Is it alright to have different speeds of fans attached to the rad? They're nothing special in terms of CFM, but they do seem to push a good bit of air. I believe 2 are tricools and 1 is a Masscool branded fan.
2) Mounting - I have a CM HAF that this going into, probably top mount if it will fit. My mind is not clicking on how I'm supposed to get the thing mounted to the case. Do I just run a couple screws through the top and screw it into the holes where the fans can go? If so, would you recommend having screws in every possible hole?
3) The other parts - I still need a pump, tubing, extra clamps, screws, coolant and some stuff to put in the coolant for anti whatever. Here's what I've scoped out, mainly looking for some cheaper stuff. May look into getting a res instead of trying my luck with a T-line. - Buy Danger Den DDCPX-PRO 12V Water Cooling Pump with Mounting Hardware 1/2IN Chrome Barb Fittings - DD-CPX-PRO In Canada. - Costs less, I googled it and people don't seem to be having problems with it. - Buy Swiftech Hydrx Water Additive Coolant 2 oz Bottle - HYDRX2OZ In Canada. - If I go the distilled water route. - Buy Primochill 3/4IN ANTI-KINK Tube Coils - for 3/4 Inch OD Tubing - UV Red - PCC-34-UVR In Canada. - Mostly for looks, but a little extra kink support won't hurt I guess. - Buy Primochill Primoflex Pro LRT Black 1/2IN ID 3/4IN OD Tubing (10 Feet) - PFLEXP10-34-BK In Canada.
- Basically all NCIX has. Preferably black because I don't want to have to put black dyes and what not in the water. Think 10 feet would be enough for a HAF loop? Just basic CPU, Rad, pump and maybe reservoir.

And with that last comment, which reservoir would be recommended? I see a lot of people using the MicroRes, so that's what I was thinking.

And one last thing
Clamps - Metal safe for the Primochill? Also, Rona should have all these screws and clamps I would need, right?

Thanks for any help. Laughing at me is fully permitted and expected.

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