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Originally Posted by 1Tanker View Post
I know i7 beats Core2 at 1M..clock for clock. And yes, there are a some i7's that have clocked well into the 5's... but that takes phase or better, and 5-5.2GHz E8600's don't need phase/LN2... yet are good for 8.9-9.1 sec's. i7 will hit the 8's but not as easily. There are a lot more E8600's in the 8's than i7's(yes i know i7 is newer). That's my take on it you think i'm that far off the mark?
i mean, sure, that argument is that context. the fact is, i7 clock for clock is faster than C2D in 1M and can reach high enough clocks to beat the fastest C2Ds out there. again, your take on it isn't off at all, but who was talking about which architecture has a higher percentage of CPUs that can clock in the 9 second range

i simply wanted to point out that enaberif clearly didn't know what he was talking about...again.

here is another context...i bench LN2 often. i have tested many CPUs - both C2D and i7 - here are my best 1Ms from each architecture:

click for full size...


click for full size...

clearly, in the context i pose the question, the C2D is better as well. both of the above chips are considered average clockers for LN2 and the C2D spanks the i7. with a different BIOS on the RE, it would be even a tenth or two lower yet.

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