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Originally Posted by enaberif View Post
SuperPi has nothing to do with CPU calculations its all relevant to ram speed and fsb.

And socket 775 and ddr2 memory has MUCH higher capability for higher fsb and mem speed than i7 does.
false and false.

32M SPi is heavily dependent on memory bandwidth...1M has next to nothing to do with it since 1M is all held primarily in the CPU cache. this is why 4MB C2D's were that much faster than 2MB C2D's and why i7 hauls C2D's ass out to the wood shed clock for clock.

now...your second comment is absolutely ridiculous and i won't even bother touching it. just re read it and try to justify your comment, it makes no sense at all. DDR2 higher frequency than DDR3...i7 has a FSB?

Originally Posted by Squeetard View Post
the current world record is from an i7 at 5.4ghz, beat out the old record set by an e8600@6.7ghz.
ding ding ding...we have a winner, someone who knows what they are discussing
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