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Originally Posted by biff View Post
Sounds great. subscribed! So... can you have the software end of the write up done by tonight? ...LOL

I just bought a case last night and am at least hoping to get the OS (Vista) installed tonight. Then maybe start trying to get the basics up and running.
I can't get a full software thing done as i am waiting for my new case nmediapc 5000B to show up so expect a more detailed procedure once that happens. However i will give you some pointers i have found.

For installation steps i normally follow the following with great success.

1. Install OS (duh)
2. Install all of the LATEST drivers
3. Install and configure your codecs BEFORE you install any other software
4. Install and configure your HTPC frontend
5. Configure the Front end.

Now the software of choices will depend on what your using your HTPC for and what kind of sources your hooking it up to. If say for example you are just using to playback media files and tune cable / satellite (not OTA HD) then i would use the MCE built into vista. It works exceptionally well. Also do a google search for a website called The Green Button. By far one of the better MCE web resources. How ever if you want to tune OTA HD content and want an EPG (Electonic Program Guide) then MCE on vista is a big nono. Instead of running Vista MCE (and make sure you don't run it if you don't want it) install the latest version of Sage TV. It is a bit pricey (around $99 USD) but it is worth it in the end. The configuration screens are pretty straight forward as it tells you what to do. There is one caveat with sage. Once it's installed you will need to go into the settings section and change the default renders from the sage tv ones (they work, but won't decode something like a DVD movie that is still encrypted) to one of the ones you installed when you installed your codecs.

If you are having any problems with sage or MCE let me know as i have used both and should be able to give you a hand.
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