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Default Hyper-Threading


I have a question about HT on my i7..

Right now I have it turned off for my overclock to 3.8GHz, I have not tried it with HT on to see if it's stable or not... I just turned it off because I read it's easier to OC with it off or so I've read, although I see some nice OC with it on.

I'm wondering, is there really a noticeable performance improvement with it on?
With it off, I have 4 threads, and my G15 displays each core's CPU usage with it's own bar, and it has room for 4 cores.. if I turn HT on, it doesn't show each single core (because it has 8 threads... only has room to show 4 of them) so it shows a solid line as if I had a single core chip, lame!.

So is the performance difference like... vast? Or what? I keep it off for that reason.. I like to see each core's CPU usage, helps me know if things are working properly..

Should it be on? What do y'all think?

See pic (displays 4 bars which is each core working):
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