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I have the zalman mfc-1 (not plus version) myself and i think id still prefer it to the newer mfc 1 plus for two reasons.... Switches!!! the mfc-1 has two 12v/off/5v connectors for... anything.. with ANY load rating (power is taken directly from the psu, from either the 5v rail of the 12v rail(s) ). Therefore you can control much more, much more easily with it. For example: In a previous build i used the mfc-1 in the following configuration:
Fan1 = Cpu Fan1
Fan2 = Cpu Fan2 (Thermaltake tower 112 all Cu w/ dual 92mm vantec steaths for those that were wondering)
Fan3 = System exhaust fan1
Fan4 = Unused
Switch1 = System intake fan (so it could be turned completely off for silence)
switch2 = Dual blue cold cathodes. (Cause pretty lights hurt my eyes sometimes at night)

Thats my two cents.... but i want em back (jk)
"Backed by common sense and physics!" -Squeetard
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