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Originally Posted by matsta31 View Post
I am curious, I thought you were using the Mac now, where are the 4870X2 used ?
I am using the MacBook Pro, its the only working PC left at my place. As I'm sure you can see in the picture of the Maximus Formula, as well as other pictures in the watercooled PC gallery, they were being used in my main rig. I was holding onto them in the hope that I could find a job somewhat soon and then just put them in an i7 rig I'd build with my first paycheuqe or two.

What little hope I had when I first posted this thread has now evaporated. In addition to the 2 4870X2's I may be looking to unload a SilverStone DA850 and ZM1200M. I haven't posted the 4870X2's up as a close personal friend wants them. I'm just giving him some time to decide.
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