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Originally Posted by Chilly View Post
Did anyone read the EULA? I say this posted on another forum and its been confirmed by a few other members. Frankly you NEED to read this, its down right scary.

Basically you're signing your rights away when you run it, they can collect any information about any of your hardware, software even whats on your harddrive! Until they change their stance I'm staying far, FAR way from this game.
That's just punkbuster being itself. It has been doing that forever. COD4's punkbuster does the exact same thing. CAL's ACS utility also checks files that are running. Same thing with Valve's Anti Cheat program. It's to ensure that nobody is cheating. If they've taken any information from you that wasn't necessary they'd be in deep trouble. I'm pretty sure that the program only accesses programs that are running when punkbuster is on, and continues to monitor any processes that are initiated during the time PB is on as well. That's what happens when you play games that have anti-cheat software integrated in it.
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