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Default How-To: Modify Accelero Xtreme 9800 to fit EVGA GTX+ Model

Hey everyone. I was bored this morning and decided that since my Arctic Cooling Accelero Xtreme wasnt selling on the buy/sell forum, that I would make the required cuts out of it, and adjustments to fit my EVGA 9800 GTX+.

It takes about an hour to complete and the tools you will need are:

- assortment of small screwdrivers
- thermal paste remover/alcohol
- lint free cloth
- needle nose pliers
- small tin snips/dremel
- patience

Ok, so basically we need to cut two parts on the cooler to allow it to properly fit your card. The TV OUT connector is one of the objects in the way that cause the cooler to not sit properly on the card, and also the fan connector isnt placed in the right spot.

Step 1: Remove the 12 screws holding the card to the cooler.

Step 2: Remove the 3 screws at the back of the card that hold on the stock cooler.

Step 3: Remove the 2 screws holding the cooler to the front of the card.

Step 4: Unplug the fan connector the pull the cooler off the card.

Cooler Removed From Card:

Step 5: Use your thermal paste remover to take off the stock TC.

Step 6: If you used AcrtiClean like me, then apply the thermal surface purifier.

Result: Clean GPU ready for new cooler.

Step 7: Now we need to begin to make cuts to allow the cooler to properly sit on the card. You will need to cut a bit off from the fins here to allow the cooler to clear the TV OUT connector.

Step 8: Ok, now that you have that cut and ready, you'll just need to do the same process on the side to allow the fan connector to fit.

Sorry I didnt take any pictures of the actual cutting process. It took the most time....

I used sidecutters, and my dremel to remove the unwanted material.

You're then going to want to apply your thermal compound on the gpu. The Accelero 9800 comes with preapplied mx-2.

Once you get it on, you may notice not all the screw holes line up. *thanks arctic cooling* ;) All of the screws around the GPU can be placed in, so there is no problem there.

I suggest plugging your fan connector in before sitting the cooler on the card, just to make it easier. Don't forget to put on the little heatsinks AC provided with the accelero.

Once you get it all together and back in your computer, you should notice a drastic temp drop on your gpu.

The stock cooler had me running around 36C idle. The new cooler provides me with -->

Thats Idle with a slight overclock from 738-745 (i run it higher - just testing purposes)

Full load I used to have 78C. With this cooler I cant get it hotter than 45C.

Can't complain with those results.

Thanks for viewing my howto, and I hope this encourages you 9800Gtx+'ers to go out and try it!

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