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Originally Posted by jdrom17 View Post
Wouldn't it be wiser to get a quad? I thought the tri-core stuff was mediocre, but of course that jacks up the price a fair amount. And unless you plan to do some serious OC'ing, wouldn't a non-black edition be fine? Such as the X3 710? Then you could probably afford a HD4870.

And yeah it seems wiser to stick to DDR2 on a fairly budget minded PC. Maybe by sticking with DDR2 you could get the quad-core Phenom II instead?

TBH though I don't have much Phenom II or i7 knowledge right now since I just haven't been overly interested.
As far as I know most things aren't optimized for multi-cores anyway don't know much more benefit I'd get either way. The 720 has a higher clock speed and I've read that because of the one less core it actually can go higher, I've read that people have been able to hit over 4 ghz on air cooling, so I don't think like ~3.2 is unreasonable with a decent fan.

Seems there isn't much benefit of going DDR3, so I'm totally fine with sticking with DDR2. I guess I'll look for things on sale and collect parts as they come, heh. What price range should I go for?

In terms of pricing my stuff...

~350 for cpu + mobo
~100 for PSU
~75 for case
~100 HD
~75 for RAM
~250 for GPU
~950 so far

Just wondering if those're reasonable estimations... Higher/lower in some places?

I'm willing to go over budget if it means getting better price/performance. My budget isn't crazy tight or anything, didn't mean to make it seem that way, heh.
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