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Some quick responses :)

Originally Posted by punk_zappa View Post
Basing on some reviews, DDR3 vs. DDR2, there is not much performance gain if you are going to DDR3. So if you go DDR2 motherboard you will be saving some $40-50. Entirely up to you.
Aren't all AM3 boards DDR3 capable? In which I'd have to go an AM2+ board? Isn't there some sort of disadvantage in using an AM2+ board for an AM3 cpu? I thought I read something about power being an issue when overclocking especially.

Originally Posted by geokilla View Post
I'm not that good with AMD builds, but look into Gigabyte motherboards as well using the 790GX chipset. Also consider Biostar motherboards as they're good as well.

For hard drive, WD 640GB is good.

RAM: 4GB of any brand such as OCZ/Patriot/Corsair at DDR800 4-4-4-12 or DDR1000+

PSU and Case: Antec Sonata III (PM Newegg)

GPU: NVIDIA 9800GTX+ or ATI 4850. Since you're in school, your gaming time is actually limited. I also suggest that you don't crossfire in the future. I myself don't like using dual GPUs.

The stock AMD cooler will be more than enough if you're just doing a minor to moderate OC.

Don't forget to use the Hardware Canucks Price Matching function to find lower prices everywhere so you can get a better rig for less price.
Motherboards the asus one i picked was one of the four i saw on newegg, there aren't many AM3 socket mobo's out there. I picked the Asus one cause it said it had 2 PCIe x16 slots so it can xfire, whereas the gigabyte one only has one and was the same price...

I'm pretty set on an ATI 4850 or 4870 GPU, just cause I'm going AMD cpu. In terms of cross-firing I don't plan on it now, but I guess in the future I'd like the option to do so just to add a little more life to my comp.

Originally Posted by bojangles View Post
You may want to look at Seagate's 7200.12 500GB, line. It's a single platter, high density disk so reading from this drive should be really good.
Cadaveca's WD640 black w/ the dual processing sounds pretty tempting. How would that compare with the 500 gig single platter? I'm sorry I don't really know that much about these things, higher density platter generally means faster access as less spinning but this dual processing thing sounds awesome...
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