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Originally Posted by chriskwarren View Post
I think the folding rig has a stability issue when I try to run the cpu app. I don't get nans...I get "Application has encountered an error" error. Will figure it out.
Just started messing with the SMP client, and was using Xilikon's guides. Has anybody had experience with this before or has seen this;

1. Installed the Deino client. All is well installing Deino.
2. While configuring FaH (using the -configonly flag), I get to the step where you can select small, normal, or big tasks. If I choose "big" or "normal", the client crashes (Windows terminates the program). If I choose small, configuration continues. Tried this several times, (deleting the config files before trying), and always crashed at the same place.
3. Tried the MPICH client. All went well with first part of install.
4. See step 2. Exactly same problem.
5. Use memtest, prime for a short bit. Nothing.
6. Installed the regular x86 cpu client (non-smp or high performance). All is well and works fine (200ppd...ugh)
7. Retried the MPICH client, but this time I created a shortcut and put the -smp flag in via shortcut. I tried this as the guides I have been looking at say to add the -smp flag later in the installation, not at the beginning when running the -configonly flag.
8. Config runs like a champ. Now happily folding, but not long enough to get any idea of the ppd yet.

I went and re-checked the guides I was using and nothing mentioned the -smp flag was needed before running the -configonly flag.

You guys ever see this crash? I am wondering if there is an issue with my folding rig or if I just PEBKACed the install (although for the life of me I re-checked Xilikon's excellent guide and I see nothing there about ensuring the -smp flag being needed with the -configonly flag when initially running the client).

Thanks for any info from the smp veterans!
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