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My System Specs


Originally Posted by CasheKicker View Post
Hi All,

I recently DL'd the SMP (Windows XP/2003/Vista/2008 SMP client console version 6.23 beta for MPICH (32-bit or 64-bit))

I installed it and it appears to have started up but all I get is

3:43:21] Folding@Home Gromacs Core
[23:43:21] Version 1.90 (March 8, 2006)
[23:43:21] Preparing to commence simulation
[23:43:21] - Looking at optimizations...
[23:43:21] - Created dyn
[23:43:21] - Files status OK
[23:43:21] - Expanded 239680 -> 1193309 (decompressed 497.8 percent)
[23:43:21] - Starting from initial work packet
[23:43:21] Project: 2527 (Run 49, Clone 98, Gen 13)
[23:43:21] Assembly optimizations on if available.
[23:43:21] Entering M.D.
[23:43:27] Protein: p2527_Am22-43
[23:43:27] Writing local files
[23:43:27] Extra SSE boost OK.
[23:43:27] Writing local files
[23:43:27] Completed 0 out of 2000000 steps (0%)

It has been stuck at 0/2000000 steps for 10 min now. What have I done wrong? As well both of my cores on the E8400 are only at about 50%.

Your SMP client has picked up one of the uniproccessor WU's. When you first install they sometimes do this, it's not picking up the -smp flag.

Stop the client
Delete the work folder, queue.dat and unitinfo files and restart.

If it does it again, add the -smp flag to your shortcut and restart. The -smp flag should have been added automatically at config...
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