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Originally Posted by LCB001 View Post
The same thing is posted on all the different Folding forums I read...

There must be some magical cutoff numbers you can't go below, either that or your cards are just really really picky...
There is a limit on how much a core can be overclocked in relation to the shader it seems. According to this thread (eVGA GTX 260 (216SP) overclocking expectations - [H]ard|Forum), your core cannot go more than 1/2 the speed of the shaders. Perhaps there is something going on when you try to clock the shaders too high.

Could also have something to do with cooling. The idea (I thought) of underclocking the core was to decrease heat and stress on the chip, thus allowing the shaders to be adjusted higher. Perhaps the temp sensor is not reading the shader areas of the chip well, or some better tim will get better results. I also wonder when they bin the chips, do they stress the shaders as much as the core.
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