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HD-audio is ONLY transported to devices VIA HDMI, and that is why the HDAV has HDMI in the first place. All the proper "handshakes" need to take place in order for the HD-audio stream to be broadcast from the disc...

The difference...I cannot describe, effectively, how the sound is's clearer, crisper, more "airy" doesn't sound like you've got sounds like you are there in the movie...

Hd-audio just has more information, and little-to-no compression. I could list off the specs of all the HD-audio formats, but that's not effective enough to relate the real difference.

As I mentioned in the Sony amp review, even stereo HD provides more "depth" than a "regular" 5.1 track...just like how headphones can be just as effective for tonal placement. The two channels carry so much more sound info that there is just no comparison.
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