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My System Specs


I made a thread about shader OC'ing a month back and I just couldn't get mine over 1448 which was just one bump above stock for my card. Not until I bottomed out my core/mem was I finially able to get the shaders to 1620 and noticed an overall increase of ~450ppd. I think we all jumped onto the the shader bandwagon and some posts said they saw increases in production. So many things have happened since then for me (new drivers, new 64bit OS, better GPU cooling) it's hard to pinpoint what exactly happened to our shaders being a primary factor with folding. Upon my fresh OS install and newest drivers I OC'd my card just as before with the shaders pinned and the results were dismal compared and not untill I increased all three GPU components did I see results equal or surpassing previous ppd highs. I think someone alluded to a suspision that they make unannounced alterations to the clients FahCore_11.exe and maybe that has something to do with it but I couldn't tell as I did a fresh install. One thing I have noticed is a slight increase in CPU usage from 4-6% to 6-8% but that may just be because of my higher clocks.

I see why SKYMTL is leary about including folding stats in graphic card reviews as he said he'd have to retest every card again when new drivers came out and I see his point with diamond clarity now.

On another note I have a question about the SMP client. I used the Deino client before but now I have to use the MPICH because I'm using a 64bit OS even though I only have a dual core correct?

BTW grats everyone we hit our 2nd 200k day yesterday for the 2nd time in a week

*Edit; LCB they did WHAT! nooo don't mess with my stuff it's working awesome atm... whew I just scrolled through my log and I guess I missed that core update somehow..

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