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b1lk1, i do not hate seagate drives. no where in my post did i say that. i dont know where you got the idea. i shouldnt have to update the firmware, never had to do that or contemplate it for any other brand. they usually did it right the first time.

it is obvious that the problem was with the system and not the OS. sorry for not mentioning that.

forgot also to mention that i dont do raid with windows home server.

Digikid, my system specs are as follows

msi p965 platinum motherbaord
intel e8400
2gb ram
asus 8800gt
samsung dvd burner
4 X seagate 500gb Hdd
keyboard. mouse ,etc

thank you to all for replies. it happened in the middle of thenight and i panicked looking for an answer. in the calmer light of a new day i have found that i can indeed recover the system onto a new drive if i have to. there are many sites out there who go to great length to describe the process. again thx for the answers

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