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My System Specs


Are you running RAID? If so, are you running motherboard RAID? If you are not running RAID then why would you want protected data on those drives? There is nothing wrong with Seagate drives and updating their firmware is so simple a first grader can do it. If you hate them so much you can feel free to send them to me.

Otherwise, if your data is that important then you really need to get a good RAID PCI/PCI-E card. Motherboard RAID is garbage and hardly ever works the way it is supposed to. The other problem is that if you have a motherboard failure you are forced to buy another board with the same chipset to be able to save your array unlike having a dedicated RAID card that would let you move it from PC to PC effortlessly and safely.

By the way, the only issue with Seagtes is that they drop off the map. They do not magically begin working again if you expereince the known failure so there is somethingelse wrong in your OS or system.
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