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Originally Posted by sswilson View Post
Looks great!

Did you make the mount for the resevoir yourself or did you find that kind of stock somewhere?

I've considered picking up a medium sized mechanno set in order to get a bunch of pre-manufactured pieces just like the ones you have. :)

Welcome to HC!!!!!!
Thanks! The reservoir is a Swiftech MCRES-Micro and came with the mounting hardware. Very nice little unit and fairly inexpensive to boot! (Jab-Tech and Petra's tech shop sells them for under $20 US.)

Originally Posted by enaberif
While I give much credit to the two who have done this, I'm not really digging the cramped quarters in the p182, but looks awesome either way.
True, the P180 series case is a bit cramped when it comes to water cooling. There are other cases out there better suited to water cooling - but it's what I already owned and as far as air cooled cases go it's probably near the very top of the heap.

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