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My System Specs


I use the Hauppauge HVR-1600 TV Tuner card. You don't need the SageTV box that they sell to use the software, just a TV Tuner card. The supported cards are listed here: SageTV® [ System Requirements ] Many others work, so if yours is not listed download sage anyways and use the full version for 15 days to try it.

Are you trying to use an external digital cable box to be controlled by the software? (you mentioned a STB...I am guessing it is just a digital cable box, or the 4250HD) My HVR-1600 came with a remote control, and something called an IR blaster. The IR blaster is just a small IR transmitter on the end of a wire, that helps to emulate a remote control. The IR blaster plugs into the back of my Tuner card, and also acts as the remote control sensor. An IR blaster can control a digital cable box by emulating the remote control for the 4850HD. In my particular setup, I would have sageTV control my 4250HD via the IR Blaster. Here is a guide on how I need to setup my IR Blaster to control my 4250HD: This is not for sage but may illustrate better than my long-winded post!

Ie. So, lets say I wanted to record a show on channel 121 at 8pm. This channel is only available via the 4250HD box, and not on old-fashioned cable. I have Sage setup for the 4250HD, and I have the drivers and plugins installed for the IR Blaster and sage. I also have my TV directory listing setup (via Sage built-in wizard). At 8pm, Sage would send the signal via the IR Blaster and change the channel on the 4250HD to channel 121 at 8pm. As far as the 4250HD box is concerned, it could have been you using your regular IR remote to change the channel.

So sage records whatever channel is being fed to it by the 4250HD. I should let you know that I do not have my 4250HD controlled by sage, as I have only been using regular cable. However, I have done the research and all you need is the Tuner, IR Blaster and driver, and Sage.
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