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Angry windows home server problem............

just started it up and got a disk read error. it seems that smart was bad.

yes, it is one of those "bad" seagates. in fact all 4 of the 500 gigs are "bad" seagates.

anyway, i remove the power plug from the drive and replaced it with another one. just for the heck i removed and replaced the sata cord. then i started it up and got the usual disk access noise and the server is back up.

i have file duplication turned on. due to the amount on the server some of the duplicated files are on the primary hard drive.

my question is, had this been a real drive failure, the primary where the operating system is installed. would there have been a chance of rebuilding it or would i have been out of luck.

if i was out of luck would there have been any hope of recovery for the other files. i realize i could have reloaded the operating system on a new drive but as soon as i added the other three to the storage pool the OS would have wanted to reformat them.

any thoughts appreciated

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