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Company Name: BFG
Product: BFG 800w Power supply
Warranty Period: 3 years registered, 1 year non-registered
Date purchased: April 15th 2008
Date RMAed: February 5th 2009
Where it was sent to: Kahnawake, QC, J0L1B0
Ease of RMA: 10
Any extra fees?: Shipping costs one-way ~$30 overnight UPS
Wait time: 21 days total
Details: Got home from sledding the other day, walked into my room to discover sparks and smoke coming out of my power supply. Fried the mobo, cpu and 2 sticks of ram. (forced my i7 upgrade to come sooner than expected )

Sent in the RMA with UPS on the 5th of February, got delivery confirmation on the 6th. Nothing showing on the BFG tracking site until the 12th after I called. Still waiting for them to send me a new one to get my i7 system up and running.

Satisfaction: As this is the first time I have EVER rma'd an item, I cannot compare it to any other rma experiences. It is taking longer than I expected, and longer than most BFG rma's posted on the forums.

got my new power supply thursday, brand new still plastic wrapped in the box. It is a newer version of my power supply with 4 pci-e connectors, only problem is that it wont seem to power up my i7 build but it powers up a s775 build no problem.

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