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well yate loon is a foreign company, like china or somthing i forget the exact location but most USA stores down here get them from distributors that buy them in insane bulk from the OEM, the difference between petra and what JT has stated is that petra ...and i quote... said
We purchase our fans directly from Yate Loon, Jab-Tech does not. From what I've been able to find so far, the fan housings of the 'yate loon' fans that J-T sells are not manufactured by Yate Loon and the distributer that J-T gets their fans from is, according to Yate Loon, not one of their customers. I'll be posting more on this later--it's kinda odd.
where as jabtech has said openly that they get them from a USA distributor, i would imagine NCIX does somthing similar, probably a canadian distributor. The question here is, what does JT have to say about the distro passing off these cheap shoddy products to them.
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