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I don't have any pressing need to record TV but would like that option. I've read that it can be done through the IEEE1394 port on my HD box (SA 4250HD) but I haven't looked into the specifics of it.

Primary functions will be music and Bluray. My mobo has HDMI onboard (Asus P5E-VM HDMI w/E3110 & 2x1GB PC6400)

I don't have a soundcard picked out yet but the two I'm considering are HTOmega Claro Plus or the Claro Halo XT. The audio solution isn't carved in stone yet. I have a HK AVR235 that in the end will probably power the CC and rear L&R, and the front mains for now. I will be making an amp to handle the two main front's for extra power for music. Not sure how I'm going to steer the signals around yet but will probably also have to make a preamp to make that possible.
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